Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This has been day two of the big Gulp, launching into writing a rough draft of the prospectus. I shall be meeting with the chair of my dissertation committee next Monday, when I shall actually be en route to Colorado for a two-week hiking vacation.

During the past year I have taught 13 classes, completed two statement-of-field papers, and conducted more psychotherapy sessions around these academic activities than I care to count right now. I have also facilitated the start-up in our town of a wonderful new anti-poverty initiative, based on a model from Ames, IA. It has been a good, productive year when I stop to think about it.

The key to completing a ph.d. really might be good old-fashioned plodding. I can honestly say I have broken through my neurotic writing block, mostly through following the advice in The Artist's Way (Cameron). I highly recommend this book. But I also have very honest psychotherapist friends who ask such unabashed questions as, "Tell me again, how many people are going to read that paper?"

As of tonight, I am optimistic. It is finally summer now here in Minnesota and I really have mastered sitting still long enough for something to come forth!


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